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New Jerseys 1st Dedicated ADAS Calibration Center

  In a move that reflects their growing focus on the next-generation technologies known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS veteran mechanics Jason and Janet Bigelow made the High-tech transition in 2018 to become New Jerseys 1st Dedicated ADAS Calibration Center for the maintenance, repair, and precise calibration of ADAS safety-enhancing systems for all makes and models. Adding a second Old Bridge N.J. location in 2019


 Advanced is well known for their focus on diagnosing and repairing state-of-the-art, 21st-century vehicles, utilizing factory O.E. diagnostic tools paired with well-trained technicians to perform the same level of service offered by dealerships. AACC comprehensive services include everything from Advanced Driver Assist calibrations and programming, to advanced diagnostics for safety systems, wheel alignments, and collision analytics for Body Shops.   


A major problem concerning ADAS systems is that they’re not developed enough to know when they’re misaligned or miss-calibrated. Most systems will continue to function in their compromised state until they are either calibrated or turned off by the driver. Until then, they may pull vehicles into the wrong lanes, inadvertently apply auto-braking , and potentially pose an active safety threat for drivers. Too often Repair Facilities and Insurance providers solution is to scan the vehicle and if there are no faults, the presumption is everything is working fine. ADAS issues are often invisible to scan tools – the only way to know that ADAS is functioning properly is to perform a re-calibration. For this reason auto manufacturers have developed strict guidelines and repair procedures when repairing or servicing these potentially life saving systems.  

Our proven professionals are highly successful in repairing vehicles involved in a collision. Providing services for Collision Shops and Insurance providers to assist in expense forecasting. Our team keeps vehicles flowing through your shop protecting your cycle time, severity, and tier rating. 25+ years specializing in advanced diagnostics, up-to-date training, 26 Factory diagnostic tools, and the most advanced equipment in the industry. We can professionally diagnose even the toughest cases. 


ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 

Collision Analytics Specialists

Pre and Post Scans

Lane Departure Calibration

Lane Watch Calibration

ICC Radar Calibration

Blind Spot Calibration

Safety Shield Calibrations

Eyesight Calibrations

Calibration Updates

Control Module Programming

SRS Air Bag Programming

Seat Weight Calibration

Headlamp Coding & Calibration

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